Job Opportunities During the Coronavirus Crisis

Posted on: 31 March 2020

By: Daniela Bucay

The current coronavirus pandemic has changed American lives across the country. The Labor Department last week recorded 3 million applications for unemployment benefits—the highest one-week count in our history. Many people in the hospitality, restaurant, and private transportation industries have been struggling to make ends meet as parts of the country go into lockdown.

Even with the changes in our economy, there are some jobs that can help out with a cash crunch during the current crisis! If one of the following jobs is your only source of income, you will still be able to apply to unemployment benefits. This is a part of the current bailout moving through the government that is expanding unemployment to include part-time, gig, and furloughed workers. With that in mind, we at Fig with help from our friends at Till, have put together a list of jobs you can do remotely, with flexible hours, so you can keep bringing in some cash and make it through these challenging times:


Because many restaurants are transitioning to pickup-only, delivery services will be very important in the near term. If you’ve ever driven for Lyft, Uber, or other local rideshare companies, why not switch to delivering goods instead of people?

If you have a car, valid driver’s license, and insurance, you can apply with Amazon, DoorDash, Deliv, Favor, Grubhub, Instacart, Postmates, Roadie, and UberEats. The exact requirements vary by company, but you’ll be able to ensure minimum contact so you can stay safe.


Tutoring is a great way to make a little money while getting some social interaction. This is an especially great idea for teachers being affected by the school closures happening in many states. A lot of companies are looking for people with prior teaching experience, but some companies are more flexible than others, so if you speak another language fluently, or you’re a whiz at guitar, consider tutoring! You’ll need a strong internet connection and a computer/smartphone with a camera for almost all remote tutoring. TutorExtra,, Wyzant, and Preply are all online tutoring sites where you can apply.

Customer Service:

Customer service can be especially rewarding during times of crisis because it gives you a way to help when you might otherwise feel helpless. You can do remote customer service for many places, including Accolade and the companies in this post by Flexbjobs. A quick search on Indeed turns up many results, too. Feel free to customize based on your experience and location!

Other Freelance Options:

Aside from the 3 categories listed above, there are opportunities for doing a variety of freelance jobs. Demand might not be as high right now because the economy is rough, but it’s still worthwhile to create profiles on the following sites: iWriter, Listverse, Upwork, and MTurk.

Bottom Line:

Times are tough across the country, and we will have to push through the next few months. Thankfully, there are still ways to make some extra cash if you get creative about how to transition your existing skills to work for you during this national crisis. Please share below if you have any freelancing/gig tips or stories to share! As always, Fig is available at, Facebook, Twitter, or text us (832) 803-0990.

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