Worried about Late Payments? Fig’s got you!

Posted on: 5 May 2017

Late payments can happen because life doesn’t always give you a break! You might have to fix a broken refrigerator. Or you might not be able to get that extra shift. Or you choose to spend a little extra time with family at home.

Whatever it is, Fig gets it. Fig Loans has always offered free and easy rescheduling of payments online, through text messages, e-mail, or our friendly customer service representatives. Fig also offers flexible payment terms: if you need to split a payment or delay, we’re ready and willing to help. We’ll work with you to make sure you can make your payments and we won’t charge you a penny more for that service.

But what if, despite everything, you just can’t make a payment?

With other lenders, a customer that misses a payment on an installment loan might be automatically passed to a collections agency. Or even worse, the lender adds on fees that could double the cost of your loan! One of the most important things we’ve learned at Fig Loans is that sometimes good borrowers can miss a payment.

More often than not, people who’ve missed one payment are overwhelmingly honest and work with us to clear their debt. In fact, Fig’s own analysis has shown that people who miss one payment are statistically the same as people who never miss a payment! If something happens and you miss a payment, we understand these things happen. That’s why we at Fig always reach out to borrowers who’ve missed payments to understand the situation and do everything we can to help get them back on track

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