What is a Fig Loan?

A loan built for you, by people who get it.

Fig Loans help working class Americans build credit and solve urgent cash needs -
60% cheaper than competitors and 100% more honest.

No Hidden Fees

The price you see is the price you pay. You will never be charged more interest or a late fee from Fig.

Pay At Your Pace

Need a couple of days? You can reschedule up to 28 days for free. If you can't make your entire payment, we'll split it in half for you. When life doesn't go as planned, reschedule payments from your phone.

Build Credit Now

We report all payments to the 3 major credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian, TransUnion) from day 1 because we want to help build up your positive repayment history!

Cash Next Day

Fig is fast! 5 minutes to apply for a loan, and 94% of borrowers get cash deposited the next business day! Money tomorrow for an easier today.

If you have been rejected by traditional lenders because of your credit score but have a steady income, see how a Fig Loan is different, and apply today - no hard credit pull.

Credit Builder Loans: A proven way to build credit

Fig customer's credit scores increase by an average of 47 points per loan

How's a Credit Builder different from a traditional loan?*

*Credit Builders are only available to TX residents

Credit Builder

Upon approval and payment of the one-time account opening fee, the lender sends your funds to a 3rd party bank to hold for you. You make payment similar to a traditional loan. Upon completion of your loan, the lender releases the funds from the 3rd party to you.

Traditional Loan

Upon approval, the lender sends your funds directly to you. Afterwards you make payments until your loan is paid off. Nothing occurs upon the completion of your loan.

But...I Really Need Money Today!!!
We get it! In that case, you'll need to apply for the traditional Fig Loan instead of the Credit Builder
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Where We Serve

Our journey began in the Lone Star State. We love you Houston!

As of January 2020, we're able to serve Missouri, Utah, Illinois, Ohio, Florida, and New Mexico residents.

We’re growing fast and will announce new markets soon! If you’re interested in bringing Fig's emergency loans to your community sooner, please contact us at service@figloans.com

Fig is growing and we intend to branch out very soon.