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Posted on: 16 October 2015


When we first learned about the realities of payday loans, we were blown away. Today's small dollar loans are exploiting and trapping good people just because they need to borrow a non-traditional amount of money. Exorbitant interest rates, fees and payment schedules are not a consequence of defaults, they're the reason good people get trapped in debt. 

We're here to change that because we want to help people out of debt. We offer low fees that reflect our belief in our borrower and a payment schedule that actually makes sense within their budget. 

However, there's more to getting out of debt then just low payments. After sitting with financial case counselors and hearing their experiences, we realized financial education is just as important. 

A Fig A Day will tackle and breakdown common financial questions into language that everyone can understand. We hope A Fig A Day can eventually become the library that you turn to for all your financial questions.

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