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Step 2: Customer Disclosures


Fig uses electronic signatures to process your loan faster. Please click and read the E-Sign Disclosure and consider printing a copy for your records. This disclosure contains the basic terms and conditions for delivering certain electronic communication.

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Fig Loans Texas, LLC -- Credit Services Disclosure Statement

  • CSO Services and Costs. Fig Loans Texas, LLC will provide you with help in obtaining and repaying a six-month loan from third-party lender Sand Dollar Group, LLC. The average fee for these services over the term of the loan is $10.10 per $100.00 borrowed each month. Your fee will be calculated based on the outstanding loan principal each month. Fig Loans Texas, LLC is registered and bonded with the Texas Secretary of State under Chapter 393 of the Texas Finance Code. Fig Loans Texas, LLC is not a lender and does not make loans.

  • Right to Proceed Against Surety.CSO Services and Costs. Fig Loans Texas, LLC will charge you for its services before its services are completed. If Fig Loans Texas, LLC violates its duties or obligations under chapter 393 of the Texas Finance Code and causes you damages, you may be able to recover those damages from the $10,000 surety bond that Fig Loans Texas, LLC has obtained and filed with the State of Texas. The surety bond is in favor of any person damaged by CSO’s violation of Chapter 393 and in favor of the State of Texas for the benefit of such damaged person.

  • Name and Address of Surety Company and Trustee.
    SureTec Insurance Company
    1330 Post Oak Blvd, Houston, TX 77056

  • Right to Review Consumer Reporting Information. You may request and obtain all the information about you in the files of a consumer reporting agency.

  • Procedures for Obtaining Consumer Reporting Information. Consumer reporting agencies should make all information about you in their files available for review:
    1. without charge on request made to the consumer reporting agency not later than the 30th day after the date on which the agency receives notice the consumer has been denied credit; and
    2. for a minimal charge at any other time;

  • Right to Dispute Consumer Reporting Information. You have the right to dispute directly with a consumer reporting agency the completeness or accuracy of an item contained in your file maintained by that agency.

  • Removal of Accurate Information. You may not be able to have accurate information removed from the files of a consumer reporting agency.

  • Obsolete Information. Certain unfavorable information about you in your consumer credit report will become obsolete depending on the purpose of the credit report and the nature of the information. For credit transactions of less than $150,000, information regarding a consumer’s past bankruptcies becomes obsolete after ten (10) years from the initiation of the case, and information regarding other information generally becomes obsolete seven after (7) years. Consumer reporting agencies prevented by law from issuing reports containing obsolete information.

  • Non-Profit Credit Counseling Services Are Available. There are other ways and sources for you to obtain credit services. You have a right to consider these other ways and sources. You may be able to obtain credit counseling services for free or at a reduced price from a different, non-profit credit counseling organization. Such non-profit credit counseling organizations could assist you with obtaining and repaying a loan. You may also be able to loans or credit from other sources. Those other sources could provide loans or credit on more favorable terms to you.